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Restoration ProjectはKillap's Fallout 2 patchの最新版を含みます。

Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project – first official public release (1.0) – January 5 2008. [Forum Thread]

Second official public release (1.1) – January 14 2008, last updated on February 22 2008. [Forum Thread]

Third official public release (1.2) – June 09 2008 [Forum Thread]

Fourth official public release (2.0) – April 01 2010 [Forum Thread]

Fifth official public release (2.1.1) – July 24 2010 [Forum Thread]

Sixth official public release (2.1.2) – September 04 2010, last updated on September 17th, 2010. [Forum Thread]

Seventh official public release (2.2) – July 21 2013, [Forum Thread]

Eighth official public release (2.3) – December 23 2013, [Forum Thread]

Ninth official public release (2.3.1) – December 31 2013, [Forum Thread]

Tenth official public release (2.3.2) – January 01 2014, [Forum Thread]

Eleventh official public release (2.3.3) – July 05 2014, [Forum Thread]


このプロジェクトの目的は、バグを修正するのに加え、削除されたり未完成のままにされた内容(ロケーション、NPC、アイテムなど)をFallout 2へと加えることでした。 この拡張はFalloutを発展させたことに忠実にした結果、新しい内容はオリジナルの開発者が望んだものを再現しています。

Requirements and FAQ編集



  • Slaver's Camp
  • Hubologist Stash (mentioned in Hubologists computer files)
  • Enclave Vertibird Landing Pad (should be present)
  • Ranger Safe Houses (mentioned in New Reno and Klamath – Rangers' map).
  • Dr. Sheng's hideout


  • Petey the alley druggie (The Den)
  • Nikki the card dealer (New Reno)
  • Three Card Monte and his bodyguard Rico (New Reno)
  • The barking man – connected to the EPA (New Reno)
  • Fallout1からIan (Vault City)
  • 先代Chosen OneであるKagaとの5回の遭遇
  • Dr. Sheng (San Fran)

Karmic titles not implemented in the original game編集

Changes to companions編集


  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA.
  • Myron is no longer needed to obtain the Solar scorcher.

Other changes to old locations編集


  • Stealing from the Elder's chest, Hakunin's chest, or Aunt Morlis' vase will result in a karma drop.
  • Ability to plant new seeds obtained from the EPA.

The Den編集


  • Another way of killing Keeng Ra'at.
  • Extended cattle rustling quest in Klamath.
  • Extended dialogue for Maida Buckner – before neither she nor her mother would give you info about the town (would send you in a wild goose chase – ask Mom, ask daughter, ask mom, etc.)
  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Sulik regarding his sister (won't notice until Primitive Tribe area)


  • It is possible to cure Fannie of her Jet addiction, but also to make her OD on it.
  • Support beams in the mines are now destructible.
  • Killing all the miners prevents getting a good ending for Redding.


  • It is possible when falling down into the Ghost Farm caves or being expelled from the Modoc toilet to break a limb (party members are also affected).

New Reno編集

  • A more-involved find Lloyd quest - new character: Nikki.
  • An extended way of getting into the Stables as a woman - before if the PC went to the Stables (as a hooker) she would just be dropped off at the main gate and nothing new really happened.
  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA.
  • You can now smell cologne
  • Other new characters include Three Card Monte, his bodyguard Rico and the Barking Man - connected to the EPA.
  • The ability to tell jokes as a male or dance as a female at the Shark Club.
  • Eldridge now goes back to check on his dogs if they bark too much.

Sierra Army Depot編集

  • Trip wire works as intended.

Vault City編集

  • Learn some info about the Vault Experiments from Vault City's Vault.


  • Mess with the Enclave communications officer on the Gecko reactor computer to feel the wrath of the verti-assault encounter.
  • Lenny glows in the dark when you use a radioactive drink on him and carries a zip gun when first time encountered.

Broken Hills編集

  • New quest: Money Skimming – new characters involved as well as several others modified to fit the quest, unlocked voice dialogue from Marcus.


  • A non-violent way to end the Raiders threat. Unlocked dialogue with Shadow-Who-Walks.


  • Ability to attack Ranger safe houses as a Slaver.
  • Ability to attack Slaver Camp as a Ranger.
  • BOS base there is now fully explorable after joining them.
  • Alternate way to assassinate Westin, which involves his heart pills.

Vault 13編集

  • It's now possible to get the good ending.
  • Find out the real truth behind the Vault Experiments.

Vault 15編集

  • Expanded Doctor Jones' dialogue to bring better closure to him after wiping out the raiders.

San Francisco編集

  • Return the missing Shi biology corpse.
  • New location: Hubologist stash
  • Shi submarine - Disable the sub before sailing to the Enclave
  • Dr. Wong questline that implements Dr. Sheng and explains the sentient plant ending.
  • Combine torn pieces of paper to form a password list to access the various computer terminals in the Shi Temple.

New Reno Salvatore Transaction編集

  • Ability to fly to Navarro in a vertibird.

The Oil Rig編集

  • Ability to set off the nuke found on the presidential level.


  • Ability to get location of EPA from randomly encountered traveler.
  • Kagaとの5回の遭遇。
  • Shaman and Chieftain found in Nomad encounters.
  • Ability to save Homesteaders and then receive a reward for your service.
  • Homesteader encounters contain children.
  • Federation shuttlePhazerを入手できる特別な遭遇になっています。
  • Hubologists in random encounters are now hostile if you killed the Hubologists in San Fran.