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an overview of jet in the various Fallout games については、jet をご覧ください。

Need any help on how to use that? I mean, I've found to get the best rush, you need to close your nostrils, force all the air out of your lungs, then take a deep breath, inhale, and hold it for about a minute...

Chosen One to Dr. Troy

Jet is a consumable item in Fallout 2 and Van Buren.


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Jet has the shortest duration of any Fallout 2 chem. Whereas other chems have long enough durations to not be of concern, since each combat turn is equal to 5 seconds, it is very likely in dense enemy areas (such as the Military Base) to begin the steep withdrawal effects before safety is reached. This is especially true if one has the Chem Resistant trait.

Jet also has a very high addiction rate, the highest of any chem. In fact, with the Chem Reliant trait, it is impossible to use Jet without getting addicted - a particularly severe penalty given that Jet addiction is permanent without the antidote.

Because of its role in the Fallout 2 storyline, Jet is the most prevalent and affordable of all chems (not including alcohol), appearing with some regularity as early as The Den. This helps balance the fact that Jet has a powerful effect (the only way for characters already at ten Agility to gain more Action Points, perks aside) but has a hard-to-deal-with addiction and withdrawal penalty.


  • The Den, sometimes findable on the junkies, and sold by Tubby.
  • New Reno, purchased from many different dealers, all of whom stock multiple quantities.


  • Jet addiction is curable only by the Jet antidote.
  • Only two Jet can be used at once. Further attempts are met with a message along the lines of "no effect".