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Jacoren[1]2161年時、Vault 13監督官でした。 He genuinely cares about the Vault Dweller and everyone in the community, though he can be a bit paternalistic, even condescending, at times.[2]


When the Vault's only functioning water chip was damaged and shut down, he sent one of the vault dwellers, who later became known as the Vault Dweller, into the wasteland to find a replacement chip. In the course of his adventure, the Vault Dweller ended up defeating the mutant threat, and was subsequently expelled from Vault 13, as Jacoren thought that he would ruin the Vault Experiment by convincing people to leave the Vault.

Despite the Dweller's exile, many people chose to follow him into the Wasteland. Jacoren's fate after said event is not made clear. He can try to stop those who want to leave and eventually be tried and sentenced to death for his crime, probably after the dwellers learned about his involvement in the Experiment[3], or he can be killed at the hand of the Vault Dweller after the goodbye speech.[4]

He was fully aware of the Vault Experiment program conducted by the Enclave[5], and therefore tried to do everything to keep Vault 13 closed for 200 years, just as the program dictated. As it is quite unlikely that he could have been more than 100 years old, the knowledge about the experiment was probably passed to him from the previous Overseer, most likely one of his parents.



General Services Quests
Companion: noIcon cross
Talking head: yesIcon check
Merchant: noIcon cross
Modifies items: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Starts quests: yesIcon check
Involved in quests: noIcon cross


Effects of player's actions編集

  • With the Bloody Mess trait, the Berserker or Childkiller titles, or a low reputation, right after the Overseer's goodbye speech at the end of the game, the Vault Dweller will automatically put away any held weapon, draw a pistol and shoot the Overseer in the back. It is also possible to kill Jacoren by initiating combat just after his speech, and putting him down with one or more shots. If Jacoren is killed, he falls to the ground with his internal organs hanging from his body, with both his left arm and left leg severed and his ribcage exposed, whereupon he uses his remaining arm & leg and crawls in an attempt to move to the Vault door, which he does reach but is unable to open before ultimately succumbing to his injury.

Other interactions編集

If the PC has an Intelligence below four, Jacoren will explain things in a slow and simple manner. At times getting frustrated over doing so.

Tell me about編集


服装 武器 その他のアイテム 死体
Vault ジャンプスーツ - - -


  • When the Master is killed and the Mariposa Base blown up, the Vault Dweller (along with their companions) will be near Vault 13. However, the cave is much brighter in appearance.
    • Also, when the Vault Dweller kills Jacoren in the end, Jacoren will have a special, more violent animation.
  • When Jacoren is attacked with ranged weapons (the Vault Dweller cannot attack him with melee weapons) on his pedestal, two miniguns will come out, similar to the Master's Gatling lasers.
  • He is one of the few non-player characters in the Fallout games to not be killable.
    • After turning Vault 13 hostile and going near Jacoren, he will say that [the Vault Dweller] turned against us [the Vault] and that he cannot allow that.




よくやってくれた!本当に・・・素晴らしい。見事だ!君の業績、忍耐力、心から恐れ入った。君の成し遂げてくれたことは、Vaultの住民がいくら感謝してもし尽くせるものではない。皆の命を救ったのだ。誰も知らないだろうが、人類までも救ったのかもしれない。[溜息をついて]それゆえに今後のことがずっと困難になってしまった。みな君の話を聞きたがるだろう。子供たちは君を尊敬し、さらには真似をしようとするだろう。するとどうなる? 出て行こうとするだろう。一番肝心な世代がVaultからいなくなればどうなる?ここが世界で唯一安全な場所であるとしたら?君が取り戻してくれたばかりの皆の未来・・・成行きに任せてそれを失うことなどできぬ。今の地位に就いて以降、何度も苦しい決断を行なってきた。だが今回ほどつらいものはなかったよ。君のおかげで救われたが、君のせいで死者がでるかもしれない。本当にすまない。英雄であるがゆえに・・・出て行ってもらうしかないのだ。


Behind the scenes編集

  • I always thought of Fallout's story of drawing straws was something the Overseer thought of. "Look, someone has to go outside, and they may die out there, so let's draw straws". Someone, probably not the Overseer since he wouldn't have gone outside no matter what, demanded that EVERYONE draw a straw in order to be truly fair. But to be honest, the vault dwellers were simply terrified of going outside, and terrified people do not always make the wisest decisions.
    Anyway, when big dumb Larry drew the straw, maybe the Overseer saw a way to rid their limited gene pool of some really bad alleles.
    - Tim Cain at DAC forum
  • At the end of the quest Trouble on the Homefront in Fallout 3, Amata has the same quote as Jacoren saying, "I'm sorry. You're a hero... and you have to leave", right after she exiles the Lone Wanderer from Vault 101. However this is only if the Lone Wanderer kills the Overseer, if they convince the Overseer to allow the vault to open, she will be thankful for their help but will reluctantly exile them due to the other vault residents blaming them for the problems in the vault.



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