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Iron Fist
Fo4 Iron Fist
Fallout 3
requirementsLevel 4
Strength 4
effects+5 Unarmed Damage
base id00031ddb
Fallout 4
requirementsStrength 1
Level 1/9/18/31/46
effectsPunching attacks now do more damage
base idsee article

With the Iron Fist perk, you do an additional 5 points of Unarmed damage per rank.

— Fallout 3 in-game description

Iron Fist is a perk in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Fallout 3編集


Each time this perk is taken, it increases Unarmed damage by +5 points.


  • Iron Fist is a straight damage bonus during unarmed attacks, and does not increase Unarmed skill points.
  • In the world of hand to hand fighting, the player can choose to max 3 levels of Iron Fist for a 15 point unarmed damage bonus, which can be especially powerful early on when combined with power fists (26+15=41dmg). Or the player can pursue the melee weapons route, which will save 3 perk slots, but be less powerful than unarmed combat until the level 12 Pyromaniac perk which turns the custom-built shortsword known as the Shishkebab into a powerhouse (60+3fire/5s).
  • However, Iron Fist can still pay off in late-game combat. With the use of a custom-built deathclaw gauntlet, the player can match the performance of the Shishkebab on many tough targets. Against deathclaws and power armored soldiers who average 45 DR or more, the Shishkebab does (33+2fire/5s) per strike. The armor piercing deathclaw gauntlet would do full damage (26+15=41dmg).
  • This higher base damage against armored opponents and comparable base damage against unarmored opponents is coupled with an incredible capacity to land critical hits due to the deathclaw gauntlet's x5 critical multiplier. It is quite easy to almost always land a critical hit with perks such as Ninja, Finesse, Survival Guru, etc.
  • Unarmed also pays off if the player takes the Paralyzing Palm perk, and the lowered critical hit rate from forgoing Ninja can be made up for if the player combines Grim Reaper's Sprint with Paralyzing Palm - allowing them to paralyze an opponent and kill another in one V.A.T.S. move, finishing with replenished AP.
  • Although listed as a Fallout 3 perk, Ranger Stella from The Fort in Fallout: New Vegas has all three ranks of this perk.

Fallout 4編集

Rank Requirements Description Base ID
1 STR 1 気で導かれた圧倒的な怒りを放出しろ! 素手攻撃のダメージが20%増加する 0001dafe
2 STR 1, Lv 9 素手攻撃のダメージが40%増加し、敵の武器を無効化することがある 0001daff
3 STR 1, Lv 18 素手攻撃のダメージが60%増加し、素手のパワーアタックで敵の手足に重傷を負わせることがある 0001db00
4 STR 1, Lv 31 素手攻撃のダメージが80%増加し、素手のパワーアタックで敵の手足に重傷をより負わせやすくなる 00065e42
5 STR 1, Lv 46 素手攻撃のダメージが倍になり、V.A.T.S.モードでクリティカルヒットが発生すると敵が麻痺する 00065e43